Take the First Step® to addiction recovery

A Florida Detox Center That Cares – Take the First Step®!

At First Step® we believe in treating the whole person with knowledge, understanding and support.

First Step® provides personalized treatment to our clients while in our care, and we tailor a customized program of continued care on an individual basis to ensure our clients will have the best support system for a substance-free beginning.  Our Florida Detox Center focuses on supplying individuals with the easiest form both mentally and physically of detoxification to wean the individual off substances.

What is Detox?

The process of getting alcohol and/or other drugs out of your system and getting you to become physically stable.

Who Needs Detox?

One of your first questions is sure to be, “Do I go to a medical detox, or to a drug rehab, or to both?”

Admission Process

With your consent at every step of the way, we will establish the best type of treatment program for you.

Loved Ones

Watching a family member suffer from addiction can be a devastating experience. We can help you.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Providers

Let our experienced counselors work with your insurance provider to get you the coverage and treatment you need right now.

Make the First Step® today

Do you have questions about drug detox or alcohol detox?

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