At First Step® We Believe in Treating the Whole Person with Knowledge, Understanding and Support

Our Mission: To treat clients with respect and dignity while safely detoxing them and preparing them for the next step in their recovery process

First Step® provides personalized treatment to our clients while in our care, and we tailor a customized program of continued care on an individual basis to ensure our clients will have the best support system for a substance-free beginning.

First Step® does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to addiction detox and rehabilitation. While a customized 12 step program is effective for many, we have found that some patients require a different approach.

Through continuing education, we empower ourselves with new knowledge surrounding the chemical, physical and emotional roadblocks facing someone suffering from substance abuse.

First Step® is here to help our clients understand the importance of improving their physical, spiritual and emotional health. Only then can the healing process really begin.

Together we can help preserve the gains made in detox by providing effective programs and a strong support system.

At First Step®, we put the client first. We do not encourage unnecessary testing or other approaches that increase profits but do nothing for our clients.

The three words that best describe First Step® are integrity, effectiveness, and caring.

Our two measures of success of our mission, and how we self-assess every day, are (a) clients who remain clean and sober after taking their First Step® with us, and (b) referrals of new clients to us by past clients who are grateful for our caring and effective approach and by other treatment providers who have worked with us and our clients.

We encourage all of our clients to remain in constant touch with us for the rest of their lives so that their success in sobriety will serve as an inspiration to others whom we seek to help.

Your First Step® is the foundation to a lifelong recovery.