First Step® has spent a lot of time creating its protocols based on the many years of experience of our medical staff, who have seen what works and what does not.

And that is why First Step® spends a lot of time assessing our clients at the outset in order to devise a customized program of continued care on an individual basis that our medical director, therapists, and other medical staff feel is most likely to succeed for each unique client.

At First Step®, what makes us different is we put the patient first. We will not do or act in any way that is not first and foremost in our clients’ best interests. We are fully transparent, and proud of every aspect of our operation. When you look into the eyes of medical staff, you will have a window to their souls, and you will see firsthand how caring and honest they are. We will only deal with ethical associates and affiliates. And we will always strive to improve every aspect of our operation, and have an open door policy when it comes to suggestions from each member of our staff, our clients, our affiliates, and even third parties that do not yet have a relationship with us.

The three words that best describe First Step® are integrity, effectiveness, and caring.

Experience the First Step® difference for yourself, your family, and anyone else you care about who has an addiction problem.

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