Adderall is a drug that doctors often prescribe to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. However, many high school and college students abuse the drug because of how it stimulates the brain. Some of them aren’t aware of the dangers and the risk for addiction. It’s important to them or their loved ones to seek Adderall detox to mitigate addiction.

Female student depressed about addiction, heading to adderall detox.Understanding Adderall

Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant, and it increases brain activity. The drug also affects the neurotransmitter dopamine, which regulates pleasure and motivation. Abusing it increases alertness and wakefulness, so many students use it for long study sessions. However, they might not have the motivation to do anything or may feel extra slow when the effects wear off.

When people take Adderall for prolonged periods, they can develop physical and mental dependence. After dependence develops, they’ll likely experience withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop taking the drug. This reaction is natural because the body doesn’t know how to function without it.

When People Should Seek Help

Withdrawal symptoms are one indicator that people need Adderall detox. Some examples include depression, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and nightmares. Adderall abuse can also cause delusions, irregular heartbeat, poor appetite, nausea, and spasms.

In addition, it can cause serious health problems such as chest pain, fainting, fast breathing, and fever. Abusing the drug can lead to nausea, uncontrolled shaking and vomiting as well. Adderall overdose is a risk too, and it can cause death. People who have any of these symptoms or health issues should seek help.

Furthermore, loved ones can look out for Adderall abuse by noticing behavior changes. Some examples include aggression, talkative or secretive behavior, and long periods of sleep. Loved ones may also notice financial trouble, social withdrawal, and unusual excitement. Those who recognize these signs should help the users seek Adderall detox and treatment.

Why Adderall Detox Is Necessary

With prolonged use, Adderall abuse involves chemical processes that can lead to addiction. Many people also feel miserable and slow when they stop taking the drug. Detox is essential because the process returns the body to a drug-free state, but withdrawal symptoms still arise.

For some people, aggression toward others and suicidal thoughts are a real concern. The effects of Adderall on brain activity, the digestive system, and the heart are also concerns. Seeking help at a detox center can mitigate these and other symptoms in a safe way.

The Importance of Medical Detox

Adderall detox under medical supervision is important because detoxing alone is dangerous. For example, mood changes and aggression can make people mentally and physically hurt their loved ones. The mental distress that withdrawal causes can also make them harm themselves. In addition, not getting treatment for physical side effects can lead to serious medical conditions.

During medical detox, the staff can spare patients these pains. The doctors and nurses can keep them as comfortable as possible. They might administer intravenous fluids to avoid dehydration or sedatives to keep them calm. Depending on how long the patients used Adderall, they might taper down the dose over time.

The Duration of Detox

How long Adderall detox lasts for one person will be different for another person. The reason is that the dose and duration of drug use affect how long withdrawal lasts.

However, the symptoms typically start six to 36 hours after the last dose of Adderall. During the third to fifth days, the symptoms tend to intensify before fading on the sixth and seventh days. However, most people still feel some of the effects three to four weeks after their last dose of Adderall.

Start Your Recovery at First Step

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