In order to overcome a substance addiction, you first need to go through detox. The detoxification process is a necessary step on the road to recovery. The best and safest way to complete detox is to participate in a medically supervised program. An inpatient detox program at First Step is the ideal way to kickstart your sobriety.

The Objectives of Inpatient Detox

Inpatient detox program for this man in black sweater to kick addiction.The primary objective of an inpatient detox program is to detoxify the body. This means getting any drugs or alcohol out of your system, putting you into a stable drug-free state, ready for the next step. Until you’ve completed detox, you won’t be free from the influence of your substance abuse.

While the first goal of detox is simply obtaining sobriety, the overall goal is learning to maintain it. That’s why so many programs place a personal touch on each treatment plan. At First Step, each patient can expect a unique strategy for detox that takes into account their health, any mental health concerns, their addiction history, and their recovery.

Determining Whether You Need Inpatient Detox

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, then you will benefit from an inpatient detox program. There are many people who mistakenly believe that quitting cold turkey at home can deliver the same results. In reality, this is a dangerous move. Plus, trying to detox at home without medical supervision can be disastrous.

If you’re not sure whether you’re truly addicted to a specific substance, there are some key signs to look for. Maybe you can’t cut back or skip a day, then you’re probably dependent. If you’ve ever noticed withdrawal symptoms when you do cut back, then addiction is likely. Err on the side of caution and opt for a medical detox if you’re serious about breaking free from substance abuse once and for all.

Choosing an Inpatient Detox Program for Your Health and Safety

There are many reasons why patients should always opt for a medical inpatient detox program when overcoming addiction. It can be more comfortable and it can promise better results. Most importantly, a medically supervised detox is the healthiest and safest option for everyone.

During a detox, your body will go into withdrawal. Most withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant but mild. However, some withdrawal symptoms can be severe and even life threatening. If you experience these symptoms at home, it could be disastrous.

In a medical environment, many symptoms can be prevented through constant monitoring and risk assessment. If unexpected symptoms crop up, patients will have access to emergency medical treatment.

Even common withdrawal symptoms can be less stressful with medical assistance. Dehydration, for instance, can be treated with an intravenous saline solution. Pain medication, counseling, and distraction techniques can also be beneficial.

How Medical Detox Can Help Your Recovery

One big difference between an inpatient detox and trying to get clean at home is accountability. Cravings and temptations can be fierce when you’re in withdrawal. In a closed environment, it will be easier to work through them and stay on track.

Patients in a medically supervised detox will also have the ongoing support of peers. Knowing you don’t have to go through recovery alone can be incredibly helpful during the low points of withdrawal symptoms.

What to Expect From an Inpatient Detox Program

If you’re committed to an inpatient detox program, then First Step may be the right fit. You should expect to begin the process with an intake assessment. This is the chance for detox staff to learn more about you, your physical health, and your history. This also lays the groundwork for your custom treatment plan.

Some of the other things you can expect from your detox plan will include the following:

  • 24/7 support
  • Medical detox and emergency care
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Programs that treat a variety of addictions
  • Support for ongoing and continuing care

Inpatient detox is the right choice for anyone serious about overcoming addiction once and for all. First Step offers two locations in Broward County, Florida, where you can begin your journey to recovery. Take the first step by calling 1-800-EASY-**** today.